Who We Are

Who do you want to manage your career?


If you don’t take the time to develop a career path, the job market, and the organizations you choose to work for will determine the path your career takes.  Rather random, don’t you think? Not exactly what you think of when you step back and contemplate your career, is it?


Stone Creek Coaching provides online courses designed for individuals who are currently a part of the information security industry or who desire to become part of the information security industry.  Whether you’re already in cybersecurity, in one capacity or another, or you desire to become part of the cybersecurity industry and don’t know where to start, we have the team that can help map your path to CISO or Technical Fellow.


We work with clients around the globe helping them map out their career paths.  We baseline clients from wherever they are today, then work with them to build a roadmap that will carry them to their final career goal.


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